CDL Truck Driver Route Options

There are many types of routes to choose from in the transportation industry and you may drive several types of routes throughout your truck driving careers. Choosing the right route is one of the most important decisions you can make as a truck driver. Each and every driver must decide what route type fits their lifestyle. There are many factors to consider such as: home time, pay, equipment, physical conditions, etc.

The standard route types are as follows:

  • Local Truck Routes

    A local CDL truck driver normally travels within the general area where he or she lives and can expect to be home each night.

  • Regional Truck Routes

    Regional routes are trucking routes in specific regions of the country such as the Northwest, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, etc.

  • Over The Road Long Haul

    In OTR trucking jobs, truckers haul cargo across the continental US in some cases, Canada and Mexico too.

  • Dedicated Truck Routes

    Dedicated trucking route jobs are an option for drivers looking for predictable schedule and stable income.

Once you have selected your route type you will want to determine what company you want to work for and if you qualify for the position offered. CDL Careers are readily available due to the high demand for qualified drivers and it is important you choose the best route for you to ensure success.

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CDL Driver Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, overall job opportunities look favorable for truck drivers, especially for long haul drivers. In addition to occupational growth, numerous job openings will occur as experienced truck drivers leave this large occupation to retire, or leave the labor force all together.

Truck drivers and driver/sales workers comprise of one the largest occupations in the United States, holding 3.5 million jobs. The number of heavy and tractor trailer drivers is expected to grow 5% between 2014 - 2024 according to the department of labor.

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