Specialized Trucking Positions

Besides having a Class "A" CDL, some trucking careers require additional training and skills. In most cases additional skills means additional income. These jobs are considered specialized truck driving jobs. Here are some examples of these specialized positions: (permitted) oversized and overweight loads, double or triple trailers, auto carriers, and dry bulk carriers.

Doubles and Triples:

Double and triple trailer hauling requires additional training and endorsements for a variety of different safety reasons. There are more things that can go wrong such as rollovers. Doubles and triples are more likely to turn over than other combination vehicles because of the "crack-the-whip" effect. The last trailer being pulled is the most likely to turn over. There are also more critical parts to inspect when dealing with specialized equipment. This becomes a major factor especially when dealing with adverse weather conditions.

Car Hauling:

Car haulers are among the most specialized of skills. Especially when dealing with large multiple car trailers. There is an art and a science to loading each vehicle onto the trailer. Car haulers must learn how to load and secure a vehicle to limit property damage and risk of accidents during transport. Loading wrecked vehicles usually requires more time and the use of additional equipment, but since there is more work and skill involved there is typically higher pay associated with car hauling.

Oversized Loads:

Hauling overweight and oversized loads is inherently more dangerous. Speed and space management becomes an essential to a driver's success. The slightest slip up or lapse in judgment can have potentially devastating consequences.

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