Entry-Level Truck Driving Jobs

Every driver has to start by obtaining their commercial driver's license, but where do they go from there? The whole purpose of getting a CDL is to become a truck driver. Yet in your job search, it seems like all trucking companies require experience. The good news is that there are many major trucking companies who will hire you as long as you have recently graduated from an approved CDL training facility. Most entry level truck driving jobs will be over the road (OTR) or regional routes. New drivers learn a majority of their skills in the first few years on the road. It is important to develop good habits that will ensure a long term career in trucking.

Often times, no experience truck driving jobs that require a Class "A" CDL will offer a form of on the job training (OJT). During this paid training period, new drivers will spend approximately 4 - 9 weeks with a finishing trainer. During OJT, new hires will drive as a team with their trainers/mentors. While in training new drivers will earn a training salary in most cases. The company needs to be 100% confident that you are ready to drive solo or team without a trainer/mentor. This is where drivers can develop the building blocks of their career. They can form good habits, know the ins and outs of being a successful truck driver. For some, training can be a very stressful and demanding time in an inexperienced driver's career. Drivers must be able to handle constructive criticism on everything aspect of their driving skills. For those that take the criticism and learn from it, you will be on their road to success in no time!

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