Truck Driving Jobs, Solo Drivers

To those who are new to the transportation industry, there are many types of truck driving jobs. One of the first decisions that you will have to make as a driver is whether you want to apply for solo truck driving jobs or team truck driving jobs.

Solo truck driving jobs give drivers the opportunity to make their own schedules in between loads. This includes breaks, meals, bathroom stops, and vacation time. Solo drivers have more control over their own destiny. Their success or failure is in their own hands; there are no partners to rely on to get the job done. Another perk is individual space.

While being a solo driver has its freedoms, it can also be a very demanding position. The task of delivering a load, on time and undamaged, is their responsibility alone. There is no help or shared hours of service. Excellent time management becomes essential to the overall success of a solo truck driver.

Lastly, solo truck drivers must be mentally tough. Operating in a solitary environment for extended periods of time can be taxing. Those who are not comfortable with being alone with their thoughts may want to consider team truck driving jobs.

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