Over The Road Truck Driving Jobs

Over The Road Truck Driving Jobs

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Over the road (OTR) or long haul jobs are where most new drivers start their trucking career. In over the road trucking jobs, drivers haul cargo across all 48 states and, in some cases, parts of Canada and Mexico. OTR trucking puts truck drivers on the road for longer periods of times and offers them the opportunity to see the country from an entirely different perspective.

Unlike other divisions of trucking, OTR trucking jobs aren’t attached to one small area. Truck drivers are typically assigned a series of routes that cross through most of the country. With long haul driving jobs, you can expect a typical route to consist of driving for 1 to 4 weeks before returning home. Long haul jobs may be ideal for drivers that are single and would not mind being away from home for extended periods of time

Not only does the route change depending on the demand, but OTR truck drivers see changes in their cargo fairly often. OTR drivers are responsible for delivering any and every type of product you can imagine. Almost everything today is delivered by truck. Due to the time on the road and length of the routes, there is a great demand for OTR drivers.

The majority of long haul truck driving jobs pay by the mile. This makes it very important for the driver to maximize his / her time spent behind the wheel. On average, OTR trucking jobs provide drivers with 600 miles per haul. More miles means more money and better benefits. However, pay varies depending on industry, company, route, and level of experience.

The definition of OTR jobs varies from company to company. Some companies define OTR as 1 to 2 weeks out while others define OTR as 3 to 4 weeks out. OTR driving isn't for everyone and will require some adjustment to the driver’s lifestyle. Many drivers enjoy driving long distance and turn it into a rewarding career with great stability. For a driver who is not afraid to make the road his or her home, it is possible to maximize income with OTR driving!



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CDL Driver Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, overall job opportunities look favorable for truck drivers, especially for long haul drivers. In addition to occupational growth, numerous job openings will occur as experienced truck drivers leave this large occupation to retire, or leave the labor force all together.

Truck drivers and driver/sales workers comprise of one the largest occupations in the United States, holding 3.5 million jobs. The number of heavy and tractor trailer drivers is expected to grow 5% between 2014 - 2024 according to the department of labor.

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