Regional Truck Driving Jobs

Regional Truck Driving Jobs

Regular Hometime

Out 2-10 Days



Regional trucking jobs are appealing to those interested in the option of more regular home time. Regional routes are by definition run in specific regions of the country such as the Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, etc. As a result, regional drivers are typically never more than a day of driving away from home. This helps to arrange for drivers to spend time at home on a more frequent basis. A typical regional route keeps a driver out on the road between 7- 10 days at a time although there are many definitions of regional and this varies from company to company.

Some regional drivers travel within certain regions inside a state. Others drive from state to state but keep it within a section of the nation, such as the midwest. A lot of companies allow you to select the region you would like to drive. Regional trucking routes are more desirable to individuals who are married/in a relationship, have children, have a home, etc. While they don’t generally have the driver home nightly, as with local trucking jobs, the home time is acceptable and the jobs are often more readily available.



Family Friendly







OTR/Long Haul

every 1-4 weeks





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CDL Driver Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, overall job opportunities look favorable for truck drivers, especially for long haul drivers. In addition to occupational growth, numerous job openings will occur as experienced truck drivers leave this large occupation to retire, or leave the labor force all together.

Truck drivers and driver/sales workers comprise of one the largest occupations in the United States, holding 3.5 million jobs. The number of heavy and tractor trailer drivers is expected to grow 5% between 2014 - 2024 according to the department of labor.

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