Truck Driving Jobs for Veterans

Starting a new career after the military isn’t always easy, but knowing where to look can be a big help. The trucking industry is a great place for military veterans entering the civilian job market. While some military jobs have provided veterans with skills directly related to trucking, the majority of veterans can apply numerous other skills and qualities they developed while serving. Here’s why truck driving jobs for veterans are a great fit.

Those who have served in the military and have successfully completed a term of service are likely to be a good fit for companies looking to fill their openings for drivers. Like with most jobs, trucking companies are looking for applicants who have a good work ethic, respect for authority and years of experience - all traits indicating a good long-term fit. Most veterans exceed these requirements and help meet the growing demand for more professionally trained drivers.

Some veterans with military driving experience go directly to work at trucking firms while others attend specialized training first. Veteran truck driving jobs require different levels of experience and not necessarily in driving. While many military veterans have worked as truck drivers, duties such as repair work, handling ammunition, explosives, and motor fuels, can all equate to experience.

When applying for veteran truck driving jobs, the company will need to verify your experience. Some companies will use your DD-214 form, as long as one of the primary duties listed is a truck driver. Others will use an Equipment Operator’s Qualification Record, like a DA-348 to verify your experience. Some states have policies that waive the driving portion of the commercial drivers license test for veterans who have experience verified by former commanders.

Active Duty

Before driving for a civilian trucking company, you must obtain your CDL. The Military Commercial Driver’s Act of 2012 allows active duty officers to get their CDL in the state where they are stationed. This means if you are serving on active duty, you can get your CDL ahead of your separation date and find a civilian trucking job by the date of your expiration of active obligated service (EAOS). When it comes to truck driving jobs for veterans, all 50 states have reciprocity agreements that will allow you to transfer your CDL before establishing residency in a new state.

Due to the current driver shortage, there are veteran truck driving jobs available. Not only can veterans excel as drivers, but there are plenty of ways to branch out into related careers within the industry. Veterans are hard workers and natural leaders, making them valuable employees for many of today’s most successful trucking companies.

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