Faces of Trucking - Real Stories from Real Drivers

You KNOW there is a massive shortage in the trucking industry. How can YOU make a difference? Share your real life stories and give breath to trucking. Your words could make a difference to those considering trucking as a career. Get those potential truckers off the fence, bring them into your 'cabin', give 'em a cuppa coffee, and let them know WHY trucking is a great career choice.

Meet Lisa

"I always tell people I’m a paid sightseer because, through driving, I get to see parts of the country that other people will never get to see!"
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Meet Alexis

"I learned that trucking for young people is a wonderful learning opportunity. It helps you rely on yourself. When you tell people about being a truck driver, they always want to hear about it."
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Meet David

"It’s a different world. But, I enjoy it. I enjoy the driving, I always have."
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Meet Joseph

"I like being out in the world, not cooped up in an office with a boss breathing down my neck!"
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Meet Rebecca

"We have this shortage in our industry. Why aren’t we heavily tapping our resources--the homeless, and the vets, in every possible way we can? If we invest in people, they’ll invest in themselves and others. It can only benefit our economy."
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Meet Renisha

"The first time I actually got in the truck and had the opportunity to feel the power in front of me, I was hooked."
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Meet Jama

"I am a bulk liquid hauler to the heart of me. I love to pull tanks. The trailers are aerodynamically so much easier to pull than trailers."
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Meet Tom

"Driving is more mentally than physically tough. You're always on the defense. People don't understand trucks and at any minute, they might stop in front of you on a dime."
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Meet Sulandraus

"A lot of the job is making decisions on your own. You’re out there by yourself, they expect you to communicate and handle it."
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Meet Gary

"Some drivers are the kind who knew by the time they were 8 years old they wanted to be a truck driver. I never had any of that. What I had was a desire to pay my mortgage."
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Meet Rhonda

“You can make this business anything you want. I choose to try and make it better.”
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Meet Bojan

“Trucking was second nature to me from the get-go. Not everyone is like that, and not everyone is lucky enough to start as an owner operator without any experience right away. But I was one of the lucky ones.”
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